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Watch Retired U.S. Navy SEAL and Fox News Special Operation
Analyst, Christopher Mark Heben, Demonstrate It In Action...

Dear Friend,

If there’s even the slightest possibility that you’ll have to use your gun someday to protect your home and family… this is going to be the most important message you’ve ever read.

I’m not kidding!

Listen, do yourself and family a favor: Turn off Facebook, your email, cell phone or whatever else you got going on… and tell everyone not to bug you for the next 5 or 10 minutes. Why? Because what I’m about to share with you could save your life someday.

Let’s begin. First of all...

I Have Some Good News And Some Bad News

The good news is, you’re very smart if you own a handgun, rife or shotgun for home defense -- because today, if an intruder kicks in your door… you can bet your last dollar he carrying some type of weapon. If you don’t have a firearm to protect yourself or family...

You’re A Sitting Duck!

But that’s not the bad news. No. The bad news is, even if you have a gun in the house, if you can’t get to it quickly - it’s useless. In order to effectively protect yourself, family and property you need to be able to get to your weapon in seconds.

The trick is how do you do that?

The fastest, easiest and least expensive way is too strategically place a Tactical Trap in your home or office...

What is a Tactical Trap? It's a super cool piece of wood furniture that conceals your choice of rifle or handgun or both. It’s super easy to use…

  • Just slide or place the "magnetic key" (included) over the center of the shelf…
  • The locks disengage...
  • And by gently pressing the bottom unit upwards the shelf opens up like a trap door to expose a high-density foam lined cavity holding your firearms.

It’s made with top grade premium birch and pine lumber. Each piece is hand selected by our master carpenters and cut to the exact tolerances using special machinery.

Why do we go through all that trouble? It’s simple… it’s unsightly gaps that give away a hidden trap door... but when they’re cut to precision it’s easy to conceal firearms, magazines, documents, cash, computer files, whatever you wish... safely and securely in plain sight.

Customize Your Foam Insert To Fit ANY
Handgun, Rifle, Magazine, Etc.

Each Tactical Trap comes with a customizable foam pad that is to be trimmed to fit your weapon. Simply place your gear on top of the foam however you want to display it. With a handheld razor, cut around your weapon, your optics and your magazines, whatever, and peel away excess foam. Your firearm will snug safely and securely into place. The foam is deep enough to hold any weapon you have.

The The Tactical Trap is 52” wide and 14” deep. Many people use this as mantle in the living room, bedroom, underneath a TV or anywhere where you have 52 inches of wall space.

Because of its size, you can not only fit your rifle or shotgun in it, but several handguns as well. In the picture above I have Daniel Defense V-11 Tornado, Glock 22, Benchmade Infidel knife, two full magazines and Surefire flashlight with plenty of room to spare.

Numerous Finishes To Match Your Decor

Did I just use the word “decor”? Don’t tell anyone! But seriously, we can make your Tactical Trap in any choice of six wood stains... Natural, Dark Walnut, Cherry, Maple, White and Ebony.

Easy Installation… No Assembly Required

Our Tactical Traps are designed to work easily with standard 2x4 construction... so it can be safely and securely mounted on any wall in any home or apartment. You don’t have to do any custom work to the wall... there’s no sheetrock cutting or anything like that.

Just open up the box and screw it to your wall with the included hardware. It will take 20-minutes or so to install it... and the hardest thing you may experience installing a Tactical Trap is what wall to install it on.

How Much Does A Tactical Trap Cost?

A lot less than you might think considering furniture quality concealment shelves like ours retail for as much as $900+. That’s not a misprint… feel free to shop around you’ll see what I mean.

Kind a expensive - right? Yes… but how can you put a price on you and your family's lives and safety? You can’t… protecting your family, home and property is worth any amount of money.

But listen, as a Home Defense News reader you're not going to pay anything near $900 even though our shelves are worth that much or more.

Our mission is to strengthen America and get one of these shelves to every good, law abiding, 2nd amendment loving person at a price anyone can afford.

So I'm going to make you a "kick ass" offer so good no sane person would turn it down.

Here’s My Offer And It’s A Good One!

Even though my annoying accountant thinks I’m nuts and my partners are so mad at me they won’t even talk… I’ve decided to sacrifice my profits and let you STEAL a Tactical trap and a couple super cool free bonuses for the unbelievably low price of just…

ONLY $197!

Listen, this deal expires the minute we run out of stock, which by the looks of it could be any day now. I'm sorry but I can't make any exceptions. It's really now or never. Why? Because this is a HUGE bargain for a furniture quality concealment shelf.

To build one of these on your own you’re looking at 20 hours’ worth of cutting, sanding, machining, nailing, staining and at least a few hundred bucks in materials. Hell, just the solid aluminum patent pending locking mechanism would cost you over $200 to make just one. Yes, that’s just the lock. That doesn’t even account for the wood carpentry, pneumatic dampers, furniture quality finish and high density foam insert.

So the price I’m giving isn’t just fair… it’s an absolute STEAL for anyone who values their personal and family’s security.

But there’s more. When you order right now…

You’re Also Going To Get TWO FREE Gifts
Worth Over $227.00!

Free Gift #1: LED Light Kit ($30 value)

When you order now… I’m going to throw in a super cool LED lighting kit for your shelf. This motion activated LED kit will light up to 10-feet of space and being that it’s motion activated... as soon as you lower the shelf cavity... the lights go on. A $30 value if sold separately, but yours FREE today!

Free Gift #2: U.S. Navy SEAL Home Defense Secrets ($197 Value)

Have you ever wondered what you would do if some low life busted into your home, wielding a knife or a gun? Do you think you’d be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from this potentially lethal attack even if you had a gun in your hand?

Don’t be so sure. Believe it or not - most people would quickly find themselves helpless and at the mercy of a low-life who gets a kick out of preying on law-abiding citizens like you and me.

Listen, shooting a bulls-eye on paper targets and defending you and your family’s lives when the adrenaline kicks in and your heart rate shoots up to over 200+ beats a minutes is a different ball game! Unless you’re properly trained and know the secrets the chances of you being able to hit a target or even fire your gun are next to impossible.

Even the NYPD who has the most comprehensive and sophisticated firearms training of any police force in the country has gunfire hit rate of just 18%! These are trained officers and they still miss over 80% of time. That’s dangerous enough on the streets but missing 80% of shots fired in a house is deadly!

This why my company hired retired U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Heben (former member of SEAL Team 8) to create a new DVD training course for Tactical Traps customers only that specifically covers self-defense at home. I guarantee that if you'll take just 1 short hour to watch it, you’ll have the skills and confidence to defend yourself and your loved ones if the worst ever happens.

This video - which brings Chris right into your living room - focuses exclusively on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from an armed attack that takes place in your home.

After Watching This Video, You'll Have Nothing
To Fear Ever Again!

As I’m sure you know, home invasions are the most deadly and most horrible of all attacks. They come with a warning like a sucker punch. It’s BAM they are in your house. And if you’re not prepared for that surprise… you’ll freeze up and most likely lose.

But, not if you know the secrets… in the video course Chris gives you the special skills he learned as a Navy SEAL to automatically respond to that surprise attack and take control over the situation in the blink of an eye! You’ll discover…

  • How to clear hallways, rooms and stairs... in the "heat" of moment”
  • How to turn a corner the right way and enter a room that's pitch black dark or full of unknown assailants during "red alert"
  • How to conceal yourself even when there doesn't seem to be any "cover" nearby
  • How to properly grip and control your trigger when shit hits the fan. Do this wrong and you’ll miss 80% -90% of the time.
  • How to correctly shoot while moving. These are the exact skills elite Navy SEALs learn to become the most effective gun fighters in the world!
  • How to slam the brakes on fear, anxiety and panic in just seconds even if you’re confused, disoriented and shaking like a leaf.
  • How to avoid the gun-fighting mistakes nearly ALL civilians make in crisis situations that either get them shot (often with their own gun), humiliated or killed!

And much, much more…

There is no other video on the market quite like this one. And if you wanted to hire Chris to teach you these secrets you’d have to pay upwards of $5000 a day just like his celebrity clients pay! This is privileged information very few people outside of the SEAL community learn and when you order your Tactical Trap now you get it 100% FREE!

Here’s What You Need To Do Now:

Ordering is simple. Just select the color you want below and click the big “add to cart button.” What’s going to happen next is you’ll be taken to our 100% secure server where you can review your order before placing it.

Keep in mind…I can only promise the discount and $227 worth of FREE gifts today and today only. If you click off this page… I can’t and won’t guarantee you will ever get this offer again.

And this isn’t some kind of gimmick either. It costs big money to bring people to my website and since you’re already here… I can give you the discount I would have paid in ads. It’s a win-win situation.

Select the color finish you want below and hit the “add to cart” button and your shelf and FREE gifts will be on their way

Choose The Tactical Trap That’s Right For You

Freedom 52R Rifle Shelf

YES! Ron, I agree the world isn’t getting any safer and it’s my duty to protect my family, myself and my property. Please rush me the Freedom 52R Rifle Shelf and free gifts today! I understand that I don't have to pay full price like everyone else - I get everything today for the remarkably low price of just $197! I also understand my purchase is 100% protected by a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. Based on that… let’s do this!

(Dimensions 52" Inches Wide X 14" Deep Off The Wall X 4" Tall)

Step 1: Choose Your Finish

Dark Walnut

Step 2: Click the Add To Cart Button Below And We’ll Ship It Out Today

Regular Price: $705
Today's Price: $197

Your 100% Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

I believe in my heart-of-hearts that you’ll be most pleased with our Tactical Traps. But if for any reason, or no reason at all, you are not completely thrilled with the appearance, the quality, or the usefulness of your new Tactical Trap... just let us know and we’ll have UPS pick it up for a full refund.

Thank you,

Ron Adams
Vice President /CEO
Home Defense News

P.S. Like I said earlier... in order to plan for the worst... you have to imagine the worst. Let’s imagine the worst... you’re the victim of a home invasion... a mere 5 or 10 seconds can mean the difference between life and death - not only yours... but the lives of your loved ones... your spouse and children! If you have your weapons “safely” tucked away in a locked safe... imagine trying to unlock that sucker under stress and maybe even in the dark?

You’d probably be better off using hand-to-gun combat. But on the other hand... let’s say you have your trusty choice of handgun just 10-seconds away... loaded... chambered and ready to protect your family. When you think about it... you can NOT afford not to have at least one Tactical Trap in your home... can you? Order Now!