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Home Defense News #1 Product For 2016

 The Freedom 52R

When it comes to protecting your family, home and neighborhood every second counts. This is why our newly designed furniture quality Freedom 52R is a must have for any home. In less than 10 seconds it gives you access to your hidden (in plain sight) AR-15, shotgun, rifle and/or handgun in any part of the house you put it in.

 The Patriot 35S

At just 35 inches long the Patriot 35S is small enough to mount anywhere but large enough to hold two full size pistols, extra mags and flashlight. Many of our customers mount it near their front door for home security and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Tactical Trap Better Than A Safe?

Safes are great... BUT if you need to access your firearm immediately, having guns in a safe is to your detriment. Imagine having to run to your safe, open it UNDER STRESS, possibly IN THE DARK... that's a lot of life-threatening time you're wasting. Who says you have to choose between a Tactical Trap (or three) and your trusty safe? You don't. Have some firearms in the safe and have some in your Tactical Traps strategically placed.

What Are The Sizes Of The Two Different Tactical Traps Shelves You Offer?

If you're looking to tuck away 2 handguns, a couple of magazines and a flashlight, you'll be fine with the handgun version. It's 35" inches wide and 10" deep off the wall. The rifle shelf holds 1 tactical rifle or shotgun as well as a handgun or two, extra magazines and a flashlight. It's 52" inches wide and 14" deep off the wall. Of course, you can also store 4 or so handguns (in place of the rifle) inside the rifle version as the foam pad we include is customizable to anything you wish.

How Secure Is The Lock?

It's secure enough to do its job, which is to prevent someone from accidentally opening it. The tactical trap is not a safe - it's a concealment device that allows you to strategically place your firearms where you need them. To open the hidden cavity you'll slide or place the magnetic master key over the trigger point located in the middle of the shelf. Then you'll push up on the bottom and the pneumatic gas strut system will open the unit. And no, an old ordinary magnet cannot open the lock.

Will Any Magnet Open The Hidden Cavity?

Heck no. You need a special, super strong Neodymium magnet. What's the chance of someone knowing your Tactical Trap has a hidden cavity? Slim. What's the chance of someone finding the hidden locking mechanism on the shelf? Slim. What's the chance of someone having a Neodymium magnet on them as well? Slim.

How Many Rifles Can I Fit In It?

The rifle shelf can hold one tactical rifle (or shotgun) and 1-2 handguns as well as 2+ magazines and a flashlight. Or you can fill up the rifle shelf with 4-5 handguns and 4-5 magazines with plenty of room to spare. You simply cut the foam insert to fit whatever you desire.

How Many Handguns Can I Fit In It?

The handgun version can easily fit 2 handguns and a couple magazines. Maybe more. The foam insert is uncut when you get your Tactical Trap...so you can easily customize it to your needs.

What Kind Of Wood Is The Shelf Made From?

Each Tactical Trap is made from top-quality furniture grade baltic birch and cut to 0.001" precision with CNC routers. It will most likely be the best-made piece of furniture in your home.

Is The Tactical Trap Good For EDC (Everyday Carry) Items?

Yes. Feel free to use your Tactical Trap to tuck away your lighter, pocket knife, sunglasses, flashlight, pen, phone, wallet, note pad... and of course, a handgun and some extra magazines.

Does The Tactical Trap Secure To The Studs In My Wall?

Yes. Tactical Traps are designed to mount to any wall in any home or apartment. They come fully assembled so all you need to do is screw the unit into a stud or mounting anchors and you're set. It takes less than 10 minutes.

Common Places To Put Your Tactical Trap

Read REAL Customer Comments Below...

Dan Ostrowski.

"Tactical Traps has BLOWN me away with their quality and customer service. Just ordered 2 more shelves today. 1 for my office and 1 for my Pops!"

Terry Blunt.

"AWESOME STUFF!! no one has fuckin clue that I have 2 of my 1911's inside"

Josh Ebert.

"After spending 6 years in the Army I know how crucial it is to have fast access to your weapon. This is a life saver. Literally."

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