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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Tactical Trap. You’ve made a wise decision and we’re grateful you’ve given us the opportunity to serve you as a customer. If you have any question on anything please email us at support@tacticaltraps.com

How The Tactical Trap Works:

Your Tactical Trap is equipped with an RFID locking system. To open the shelf place any one of the “user” key cards included (white envelope) over the sticker dot on top of the shelf and apply slight pressure. The locks will automatically disengage and the shelf will open.

To close the shelf wait 5 seconds for the latch to automatically come back out and then just push the lower unit in place.

Note: You can remove the dot after you get accustom to where the trigger point on the lock is located.


The RFID lock runs on 4 AAA batteries that should be changed every six or sooner if you hear 3 beeps when you place the key over the top. To change the batteries simply remove the plate on the RFID and open the unit…

Safety Rules to Consider

1. Don’t store your firearm with a live round in the chamber. Remember a tactical trap is not a safe; and although it’s sturdy and well-built, it can be knocked off the wall or broken with enough force.

2. Our products are designed to work with standard 2x4 or 2x6 wood construction walls that are 16” on center. Installation of this product on a different wall material (concrete, steel studs, etc.) will involve a different set of instructions and processes that vary depending on several factors.

3. Have a buddy help you install this product. I know it’s tempting to just knock it out yourself so you can play with it. I get it, but it’s critical that you install this correctly, and that’s going to be pretty hard do with just one person. Remember we are storing firearms in this product and safety always comes first!

4. If you have children living in your home it would be a good idea to move your firearms into a locked safe when you are not home or by your Tactical Trap. Most children will not understand how to work the product, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, the whole purpose of a Tactical Trap is for quick access and if you’re not home or by the shelf… it makes no sense to leave your firearm inside of it.

5. Our products are designed to blend in as ordinary pieces of furniture and are strong enough to hold knick-knacks, candles, small vases, etc.… the normal items you might see on an ordinary shelf. They are not designed to hold up a TV or anything heavy! Use common sense with decorating your shelf. If you think an item you want to place on your shelf might be too heavy… then it probably is.

Cutting the Foam to Fit Your Accessories

Note: the beveled edge of the foam insert will fit against the sloped front interior of the shelf Lay the foam insert on the floor. Lay your gear on top… push down snugly and trace them using a marker. Make sure if you’re tracing your firearms that they are unloaded and the chamber is empty!

Next, cut out the foam carefully using a sharp razor/utility knife. It’s recommend that you cut through at least ¾ of the foam for a handgun and all the way through for most rifles.

The more time you take to do this correctly the better your gear will fit. Don’t be sloppy with this because the foam is designed to hold your gear in place when the unit lowers. If the cuts are not precise you run the risk of your gear falling out when opening the shelf.

Also, keep in mind the more cavities you cut out the less adhesive backing you will have to hold your gear in place. The shelf is only designed to hold a single rife or pistol (depending on the type of shelf you ordered), a flashlight and some extra magazines.

Pistol Shelf Installation

We recommend using 2 ½ inch wood screws to secure the shelf to the wall. If you are installing a compact pistol shelf…use 2 ½ inch screws on one side and 50lb wall anchors on the other side. The 35 inch pistol shelf should hit at least two studs and the compact version one + wall anchors on the other side.

Rifle Shelf Installation

We recommend using 2 ½ inch wood screws to secure the shelf to the wall. Make sure you are hitting 3 studs when you install this shelf

Tactical Flag Installation

Shelf Won’t Close Adjustment: Pistol/Rifle

Crooked Shelf Adjustment: Pistol/Rifle

Tactical Table Won't Shut

The table won't shut because the drawer isn't all the way shut. You need to use your thumb and guide the drawer all the way back - and then push up to close the table (as shown at the end of the video). If the lock pin is hitting, it means the drawer isn't pushed all the way back.

Reprogramming Your Lock (2019)

This quick video shows how to reprogram your lock and program it to keyfobs and wristband. NOTE: After reprogramming your Manager card will NO LONGER WORK. Set it aside to use only in the future for reprogramming. Your 2 User cards (and keyfobs/wristband if used) will be the only items that will open your shelf.

Using the Wedge Tool to Open Your Shelf (If You Are Locked Out)

This quick video shows how to use a wedge tool/air bladder tool to open your shelf, if you are locked out and do not have a battery backup unit.

How To Remove The Lock Pin ​to Change Lock Batteries

If you used the wedge tool to open your shelf and your lock is upside down (stuck on the locking pin) this short video will show you how to remove the lock pin so you can access the battery compartment of your lock to change the batteries.